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We breed TICA registered, purebred Balinese Cats

We raise rare Applehead, traditional purebred TICA registered Balinese kittens. Our gorgeous balinese kittens are raised in our home, never caged or confined, and are fully socialized. Our kittens enjoy been picked up and played with from the day they are born. The kittens are introduced to our pet cat, dogs, parrots, various people, baths, nail trims and normal life in a loving household. All our breeding cats are pets first, breeders second. We spoil them!

Updated 2/22/2023
WOW Winter has been insanely busy in our household! 
If you are on our waiting list please be a bit patient with us :)
We are still taking places on our waiting list, please fill out the contact us
form to ensure you get on the mailing list for times we have retired adults etc.
or other exciting updates!



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Our Family

Our King and Queen Cats, including the rest of our furry family 

Our Kittens

Check in often for updated photos!

Happy kittens...

Are our specialty! Contact us to find your new family member.

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